Bruce Willis Blues Band

Bruce Willis Blues Band

Nu stiu daca chiar si-a facut formatie… dar am aflat, cu ocazia postului anterior, ca este si cintaret! 🙂

Si chiar le zice pe bune! :mrgreen:

„The Return of Bruno is the debut album by actor Bruce Willis. Released by Motown in 1987, this album is an electric gathering of R&B music sung by Willis, with backing musicians including Booker T. Jones, Ruth Pointer and The Temptations. Every song is a cover with the exception of „Jackpot (Bruno’s Bop)”, for which Willis receives a co-writing credit with producer Robert Kraft.

The album peaked at #14 on the Billboard 200 album chart.[1] Leadoff single „Respect Yourself” received considerable airplay, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Follow-up singles „Young Blood” and „Under the Boardwalk” did not fare nearly as well, peaking at #68 and #59, respectively.” ( Wikipedia ) 

Under the Boardwalk        Extra!

I Don’t Wanna Be In Love     si da… are formatie! Bruce Willis Blues Band !

Back in the U.S.A.

Comin’ Right Up

Si ceva care sa ne inveseleasca…



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  1. @Roxana: Sterge fisierele temporare si cookies! E un buton in Internet Explorer la Options care face asta. La mine ai avut x-ul rosu dar si-a revenit! Am presupus ca si la tine!

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