The ’80 years…

Eurythmics (often incorrectly referred to as „The Eurythmics”) is a British musical duo, formed in 1980 by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

The pair have achieved significant global, commercial and critical success, selling 80 million records worldwide, winning numerous awards, and have undertaken several successful world tours. They are noted for their intelligent pop songs, which showcase Lennox’s powerful and expressive alto voice, and Stewart’s innovative production techniques. They are also acclaimed for their promotional videos and visual presentation.” (Wikipedia)

Annie Lennox (born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish musician, vocalist, Academy Award-winning songwriter. She is both a solo artist and the lead singer of the musical duo Eurythmics, hailed as „The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive” by members of the rock industry on the VH1 show 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll in 1999. Both as a solo artist and with Eurythmics, Lennox has sold 80 million records. Her voice range is contralto.” (Wikipedia)


Love Is A Stranger

When Tomorrow Comes

No More „I Love You’s”


WAITING IN VAIN (Acoustic TV Performance)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)


3 gânduri despre „The ’80 years…

  1. Paul, la mine nu merge niciun clip din cele postate. Îmi zice: sorry, this video is no longer available. Le-o fi schimbat adresa youtube-ul. La muncă, ce mai aştepţi! 😀
    Alte clipuri de pe blogul tău merg 🙂

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