Jan Garbarek (born March 4, 1947 in Mysen, Norway) a Norwegian tenor and soprano saxophonist, active in the jazz, classical, and world music genres. Garbarek was the only child of a former Polish prisoner of war Czeslaw Garbarek and a Norwegian farmer’s daughter. Effectively stateless till the age of seven (there is no automatic grant of citizenship in Norway) Garbarek grew up in Oslo.

Garbarek’s sound is one of the hallmarks of the ECM record label, which has released virtually all of his recordings. His style incorporates a sharp-edged tone, long, keening, sustained notes strongly reminiscent of Islamic prayer calls, and generous use of silence.

As a composer, Garbarek tends to draw heavily from Scandinavian folk melodies, a legacy of his Ayler influence. He is also a pioneer of ambient jazz composition, most notably on his 1976 album Dis.”

( Wikipedia )


Molde canticle

Saga ( with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan )


Mandala  ( with Keith Jarrett )


with Egberto Gismonti Charlie Haden


Un gând despre „Sax…

  1. Acilea il apucase pe ROBERT HORVATH NEW YORK sa bage comentariu cu scrisoarea lui catre Pavoni legata de Tismaneanu!!

    Daca cineva considera ca ii era locul aici… si ca is de acceptat comentarii imense il invit sa ma informeze! 🙂

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